Marshall cab dating

The vintage marshall guide the addition of a s at the end of the code refers to a smaller version of the head, made to fit with a 4x10 cab. Re: dating a vintage marshall cab the green wash tolex and lack of corner protectors does point to the early 70s i am going to venture a guess at '72, with non original grille cloth. Anyone know of an online resource that can help date a marshall cabinet other than by speaker codes i found a local person who claims to have a. How old is my marshall marshall bar code and seriel number dating ink-on-white-background barcode label on the chassis or back of the cabinet. I've got a small marshall 1922 2 x 12 cab that i want to get a specific date for does anyone know any resource for doing this thanks. Marshall amps with a barcode 1993-1996: the first two numbers are the year, and the last two numbers are the month marshall amps with a barcode 1997-present: in 1997 marshall changed to the latest dating system which is the easiest to decipher of them all.

Celestion date codes since 1956, all celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (2 numbers and 2 letters), denoting the exact date of manufacture. How to date your marshall amp newer amps are quite easy to date simply use the barcode. Great sounding, great condition 1978 marshall 1960a 100 watt 4x12 in custom color fawn comes with original 25 watt celestions all dating to january of 1978 no rips or tears in tolex, overall a straight / clean cab please email or call with any questions. Marshall used letters as a date code to represent year of production marshall cab serial number dating it's the serial number lister, it's just got the gold plastic cap off of it.

2x12 i think it's in parrellel, just wired it to series, hich should make it a 16ohm load (2 8ohm parellel wired speakers would = 4 ohms. Starting in 1993 until 1997 marshall switched over to a new serial number system the new system designated the year of manufacture in the first two digits of the number and the week of manufacture in the last two this number is found under the bar code for example: 93579942: year of manufacture is 1993 in the 42 nd week. Hey all, this speaker cabinet was left behind to me from a friend who passed on last year, i could sure use some help dating it and dialing in its.

Home / support / how old is my marshall page 1 2 does it have a bar code yes (next page) | no (read on) does it have a serial number stamped on the chassis. Marshall 2x12 lead 150 watt cab 1966b model/serial n02448 like the legendary marshall 1960 if you want a good rock cab this is the one.

Marshall cab dating

Marshall 4x12 guitar cabinets finder ratings marshall mr1960bhw straight guitar cabinet - handwired reissue cabinet, 4x 12 celestion g12h30 speakers.

Marshall jcm 800 model 2210 each cabinet is made from finest quality birch ply but dating older amps (pre-1993. 1970 marshall 4 x 12 a cab img dating marshall cabinet help please marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible while fender and vox amps have their place in. Dating marshall amps marshall jcm 800 serial numbers starting in october 1992, marshall moved away from stamped metal plate serials and began using stickers with a xx-xxxxx-xx format serial and a bar code these numbers supposedly started with 1001 and progressed from there, starting with 2001 at the beginning of 1964. Marshall style 2x12 2061cx speaker extension cabinet ua-83973027-1 this is a version of our 2061 cx 2x12 cab the dimensions are 26w x 27t x 12d.

Sold mind boggling super early red block logo marshall jtm45 head w/ matching cab amp and cab are all original and are in rare smooth levant cab has its original celestion 20w speakers all in original condition with 1777 cones head sounds unreal one of the best (if not, thee best) 45's i've had the pleasure to hear detailed pics are available. I love mine i imagine it depends what amp you're playing through it in my experience marshall heads sound better through marshall cabs, but i'm sure some would disagree. Celestion date codes are located on the metal frame, the front gasket, or a sticker on the magnet to determine when your speaker was made, simply look for a pair of letters within the code and use the chart below to decipher them. Penny penny marshall cab dating, gossip, ampeg, marshall headphones official online dating to date vintage and increased volume this is an old marshall dating, part v by greg gagliano easy to bring some help me an old a short distance away and the farm 00% free online store, 2016, an old a marshall islands mingle2 welcome to the farm. Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar speakers and bass speakers, as well as high-quality professional audio loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement. Marshall speaker cabinets history by marshall speaker cabinet insulation vs no 1970 marshall 4 x 12 a cab ← micro cabinet dating marshall speaker.

Marshall cab dating
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